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Second Time's the Charm; Atlanta Falcons take on the Patriots

Friday, February 3rd, 2017 at 12:04pm Shell Admin Brookhaven Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia; Home to some of the most dedicated fans.. We did wait almost two decades to watch our team get a second chance at being the National Football League champions. That has not stopped the ATL from cheering and supporting our Falcons every step of the way. Some radio stations have gone so far as to not play any bands or artists from New England until the Super Bowl.. Other fans have decided not to buy or distribute any beer coming from the state as well. When they say Die Hard Fan, they are talking about Falcon's Fans. 

 But how long has it been since the last time the Atlanta Falcons have been in the Super Bowl? Eighteen years to be exact. To put it into perspective, check out exactly how long it has been since the Falcons have been to the Super Bowl. 




Starting Quarterback

Broncos: John Ellway
Atlanta: Chris Chandler

Patriots: Tom Brady
Atlanta: Matt Ryan

#1 Song Britney Spears- "Hit Me Baby One More Time" Migos Featuring Lil Uzi Vert- "Bad and Boujee"
Top Television Shows Friends
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Game of Thrones
The Walking Dead 
Stranger Things

Top Artists Eminem
Backstreet Boys
Pearl Jam 
TwentyOne Pilots 
Top Movies Star wars: Episode One
Toy Story
Austin Powers


Ad Cost during Super Bowl One 30-Second Ad: $1.6 Million One 30-Second Ad: $5.5 Million 


 Either way, the Falcons (and the entire state of Georgia) are looking forward to that big W on Sunday.. 

Go Falcons! 


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